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is rosetta stone worth it

December 20, 2020

Posted in: Blog is very good - it's a brokerage for (paid) teachers, but also many ppl offer language swap conversation options for free. It turns out there are only 12 units and this covers a tiny proportion of what would be needed for even basic conversation. Any method is good. That combination works for me. I like the idea of being taught by a native speaker and repeating phrases back. After a year - the guy was reading / understadning everyting necessary for daily life. Thanks K. Just remember that people work hard to produce these products and you're robbing them by using torrents. That being said, as long as its not used alone, it's not totally worthless in its educational value. I need to know if the teach vocabulary and how much grammar do they teach. Carved in 196BC, the Rosetta Stone is the linguistic key to deciphering hieroglyphics and probably the single-most important conduit of understanding between … The best language course that I have found is this. I have started to learn french 4 weeks before by meeting a french teacher one hour a week.I did 6 Units (out of 20 total) in that time spending 1hour a day. Having taken 2 yrs of spanish in high school, and 4 semesters in university, earning As and Bs, but i not once thought in spanish. Thank you for your review. I'm glad I found your review on Rosetta. Psychological Science, 29(6): 961-971. It can lead to not recognizing what is already known, avoiding studying, and other counterproductive behaviors. When it would not work in my computer I contacted the company and was told that these programs are "leased" not "purchased" so you cannot buy it secondhand. I am right now learning spanish (latin america) with Rosetta Stone. My friend has tried Japanese, which seemed to be a more bitter experience, so I think the review are very thorough. Just to give you an idea, these are just a few other things this kind of money could get you: I praise italki a lot on this blog (check it out here if you haven’t already). This was $299.40 very well invested. Is it expensive? I found that in order to really get the language to sink in I would have to read the example sentences and click the listen button a lot more than I think most people are doing. So even after purchasing the online subscription, you still have the product for a lifetime. That's my ultimate question. I had to do it by guessing and so do not expect lessons to be further guesswork. Or at a slightly higher price (though much lower than Rosetta Stone) the audio component of the Rocket Languages series (mentioned above) is outstanding. I purchased Rosetta Stone to learn to speak German after moving to Munich. It is really amazing! I was diligently having to convert the lessons into extensive notes of verb conjugations, and to attempt to reverse engineer the intricate german grammar rules. There was a lot of information given in the review however none of it really answered the only question that I was interested to find out. Some other problems were dealing with plurals, numbers and the review system. I wanted to share with you and your readers that The black Friday sales are great depending on which one you choose. ... Rosetta Stone - worth it? I wish everyone all the best in their language learning efforts! So far, I've done better w/ the RS process than going through traditional classes although it is still tough. The 6 moth auto renewal is not stated at the time of purchase it is in fine print on the followup email confirmation I was ripped off and cant get my first 6 moth charge reversed you have to catch it at the time! I didnt open the fridge and see eggs and *call* them juevos. My once a week RS teacher often goes off script and we can have conversational Chinese. This was maybe the 2nd lesson -definitely within the first hour-, and by the end i was thinking in their spanish vocabulary as if immersed.Maybe it helped i already passed intermiate college spanish and therefore could already write a several paragraph story using the infinitivo or preterit tense, or play a role in a 10 min quasi-improv sketch en espanol. But for much lower price. The only thing is that I didn't have anyone to speak Dutch with. When I was learning my first language, my mother would guide me when I didn't understand. Report as inappropriate. Just keep listening and repeating and hearing it in the village with the host family and in 4 weeks I tested out at 3 out of 5 on some academic test.I did Rosetta for a month (too scotch to go past the 30 day money back period) to try it out. I've used Rosetta Stone software in the past and personally, I don't find it worth the cost at all. What I wanted to know was is it worth the time I'm investing in it. How would you say they compare in amount and difficulty of content? I awake in the middle of the night with Hebrew words and phrases running through my mind. When planning a trip to Italy I went through the whole Pimsleur program and wanted more. It was on a holiday special, for Christmas. I haven't gone more than a few minutes in yet but I really like what I'm learning. Every time I recommend this app to somebody, I should sit next to them and help them understand the basics. It is there but it’s just not clear enough. All them do. In the worst case, you’ll learn some new vocabulary, improve your pronunciation, and … I found that this is/was a very difficult way to learn Mandarin. This site is right on time regarding the difficulty and expense of Rosetta Stone. I would also say that I am a visual learner, and matching what I'm reading and hearing to the pictures worked well for me. Review of Rosetta Stone Total E for Arabic. I’ve also been told I’m wrong when I know I’m speaking accurately. Leaning Korean for native English speakers, for example. Rosetta Stone exagerates its importance, is all. Also loving idea that you should wait until you understand. Great review, I really enjoyed how thorough you were. I’d say that makes it totally worth it because for years I’ve avoided Rosetta Stone because of the exorbitant price tag. I recently used Rosetta Stone to dabble with Japanese before I felt like I was spreading myself too thin and decided to just focus on Mandarin. I say The best time/age to learn a langues Is Now! Paul Nation has a lot to say on this subject if you're interested. After lots of hours using their software, the answer is a resounding no. You get to be entertained while you are learning (Korean TV has a certain charm and uniqueness that American TV does not) and B.) Just start watching TV whith repetitive content (news, forecast, stupig tivoli games, things for kids, etc.). The “x dollars a month” is borderline false advertising. The Rosetta Stone language programs lack verb conjucations. And I use all the other resources to confirm the grammar, etc. Also, the most effecient way as adults to learn a language is through classes offered by a native speaker, and frankly the cost of enrolling at colleges or institutions for 2 or 3 years of tuition comes out as far more expensive than Rosetta Stone to achieve the same level of fluency and understanding, and the electronic alternatives to Rosetta Stone are far more inferior in my opinion. I just wanted to add that right now the complete Rosetta Stone core course sells at 249 € here in Germany. Phrasebook — Rosetta Stone’s Phrasebook teaches language learners how to say useful phrases, with over 164 phrases across 8 categories. It is great practice & I'm not self-conscious when I muddle a pronunciation with I am in class in front of other people. Your review came across as both unbiased and comprehensive. I often skip steps because its a bit annoying (at least the spanish one). Learning how to say words like carrot and juice won’t benefit me much where I’m currently living so a good section on the kinds of meals I’d find in a Korean restaurant would be very handy. I have downloaded a few podcasts from other sources on I-tunes just for a reinforcement excersizes. Level 1 software costs $249.00, Level 2 and 3 cost $299.00 each. Let's put the cost in a little better perspective. Rosetta Stone does a very good job at progressively introducing these patterns with images that clearly reflect their meaning. Also, as someone who has spent thousands of dollars both in the U.S. and abroad to learn a language, I can say that RS is actually more of a budget item, especially considering they're always having deals (as outlined by different people here). Embedded Translations — In response to user feedback, Rosetta Stone has added embedded translations. It is noticed because at such time, the learning may know how to say something in the NEW language but NOT in the native one for a particular word or idea. Even the reviewer is guilty of this - "$550 could get you roughly 20 in-person, private lessons with a language instructor in your own area (approx. But it has a lot to do with the fact that I usually get the same teacher, and am alone in the class. Rosetta Stone has different price points depending on how long you want to use the program. I completed Level 1 of Portugues in 1 month, and after visiting Brazil for the World Cup, I was able to engage in basic conversations with natives if they spoke to me slowly just out of this first level. It seems to me that the content is pretty universal from language to language, which is a bit disappointing. In my opinion RS tries to take an "innovative" approach by being immersion-only but in the process makes itself less efficient and less authentic. Immersion was used in my Peace Corps language acquisition in 1980 and worked wonderfully. Of course a software program no matter how advanced and expensive will ever replace the value of human interaction. It’s a lot easier to recognize and identify something when you see or hear it but actually reproducing it spontaneously with a time constraint requires lots of practise. Their "chat" is worthless. BTW: Contrast this with other programs like Innovative or Rocket which allow you to download the entire course for offline use (in other words, you own it forever even if you cancel). I love it. The sales person said that was all I'd ever have to pay so very reluctantly I purchased it. When I was in the Air Force, I used Rosetta Stone for free through the base library (remotely from home). Once Rosetta Stone has your email (required), you will receive offers every day with an average price of $250.00 for Levels 1-5. There is absolutely no intuitive (based on an Latin grammatical background) distinction between how or by whom these drinks are being consumed that would necessitate... what seems to be of noun conjugation (weird enough in the first place). At the bottom line, I am happy with the RS course as one component of learning french. and "Can I please have the bill". I felt like RS was taking eons and my hard work was going mostly into trying to decipher hiragana for myself and working out what all the nuances of the basic grammatical structure entailed. There is no one source solution for language learning except to always study, listen and speak when you get the chance. Your email address will not be published. I now view it as almost a personal goal or vendetta to make sure as many potential buyers of your product are aware of this as possible because there is no logical economic explanation for this greed after such a high initial product price. lessons in a year. I decided to write this Rosetta Stone review because one of the most frequently asked questions in language learning discussions is whether or not Rosetta Stone is worth the money. Ahora, a sido un añoesos, ¡y casi soy fluido en Espanol! I do rs, pimsleur, duolingo, and i have a textbook and a workbook. For languages using a different alphabet, more time AND a solid strategy are very important in order to save into long term memory all the content, such as Russian which I am also learning. Mango does a great job giving the phonetic spelling of the language that would have helped a bit with RS on some of the tricky words I had to try over and over again. Hello. doi: 10.1037/a0031858. I will say this... it certainly is an even handed and balanced review. Much like a first grader discovers the joy of reading "See Dick. Yes, you can get 15 hours (less than one-tenth the hourly content of Rosetta Stone) of in-person instruction. The Rosetta Stone Japanese course is divided into three difficulty levels. When you call "customer service" they are of little help. I'm very confident in my speaking ability, and consider myself an early intermediate (maybe HSK 3 or 4 (but I'm not too familiar with that system). Once you get pretty good at listening for the words, watching Korean TV with subtitles is actually pretty useful because A.) I am really happy with how it works and how easy it is to learn. I also use index card to study vocab. $200 might sound like a lot of money, but if I value my free time at $5 per hour, I have many times that amount invested in Duolingo at this point. I figured out pretty quickly that it really helps to have a notebook and a pen or pencil nearby while you're using the software. I use the characters for all but the newest of lessons now. Let me give two short examples to explain. Also, if you know the polite forms it makes learning the casual forms much quicker and easier. Rosetta Stone is best for absolute beginners who have little to no experience in learning a foreign language. It is generally not ideal to walk up to someone you don't know and address them with "du;" something RS doesn't address. I agree with you it is important to learn without direct translation. June 14, 2020 Thomas.Heiss For the first time. I explain it all in this very detailed and honest Rosetta Stone review. I stopped the on-line service (at $10/month) , and then found that my laptop application - the CDs I had paid for in the beginning - didn't work. If you’re … I will state from the outset however that I agree with most that the program is indeed outrageously expensive. I've raised this with their support but to have this type of error doesn't instil confidence. Sadly, I stopped using it after a while due to various reasons, chief among them being that my schedule didn't allow me much extra time for using it, especially for several languages at once. Thank you very much for this review Donovan and for posting this content. The reason I say this is that no single program or resource on its own is enough to make you a speaker of a language. I also think the speech recognition is quite faulty, particularly on Chinese where tones are so important. Although they are supposed to be group lessons, most of the times I was alone with the teacher and they are very well trained and I felt like really learning something.I bought the subscription for 120eur during a christmas time offer, so alltogether this is a huge value for that money. I just finished all 5 levels of French and I can say I agree with most points of the review. The recurring cost every 6 months $$$$ too high and useless for the same information is not stated on the sign up - you are auto charged it is a HUGE rip off!! Credit: Instagram. copula expressions and basic phrases) and working up to complex patterns in the higher levels. My point is that even though grammar CAN be learned implicitly doesn't mean it SHOULD be done that way, especially when RS is a product clearly designed and marketed with the purpose of providing an efficient program. For Japanese (and Korean), I find that none of the big names cover that well. One must practice frequently for a long time and ideally start at a young age. Finally, I also worked at it. If you are interested in learning Japanese, you will probably enjoy our. As already mentioned in the review or earlier comments, Korean has various registers, and these are not differentiated in RS Korean. Does anyone know how useful Rosetta Stone is if you've already studied the language? You asked if other RS languages have an issue with "honorifics." So, yet another confused phone-call with someone who struggles with the English language. Am looking at learning Spanish. If you buy the CD or downloadable version, you own it for life. in one lesson there’s a picture of a mother using a polite honorific form to address her daughter which is a little strange). In general SLA research indicates that while implicit learning can be effective it should always be supplemented by explicit instruction, especially when there is little transfer between languages (as with Korean and English, or really Korean and any other language). Using its Dynamic Immersion method, Rosetta Stone helps … I must say, I thought for the price, it would do more than free language programs. I find it quite tedious and am getting quite sick of having to guess all the time. I have tried calling it twice. Although there are some affiliate links here there are no Rosetta Stone commission links in this article and no links to my own product. Production demands more attention than comprehension (Boiteau et al., 2014). And if they are capable of making this level of error it implies there are going to be plenty other mistakes lurking about it there. I find this helpful as I have installed on my desktop at home and my work compute (to do some lesson on my work break at lunch). At the beginning thay barely understood each other :). I look up words and phrases on line. grammar, sentence structures , all of that good stuff. I think $199 for the lifetime access is a very good deal. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The best. It’s not a bug that makes it slow, it is the way the app was made. In this Rosetta Stone review, I will try to give you as much useful info as I can. The answer to how many lessons in Rosetta Stone depends entirely on the language. Thanks for a nice review, it is always refreshing to read something other than an obvious marketing attack :-). so does it??? So far it seems to me like the Persian Rosetta is doing a good job of using the culturally appropriate forms (using the formal you when addressing an elder for example), but since I am still a beginner, I am not as aware of mistakes as I would be otherwise. As I found out, most people do not speak in the way RS teaches you. I remember him yelling at us that it was disgraceful that we were in fourth year Russian and couldn't understand what he was saying, but it was true! :) In my fourth year we had a "Russian" Russian teacher (an older guy) and he would come in and just start speaking to us in (what seemed to us like) rapid-fire Russian and nobody could understand him! I read and write Spanish better than I speak because I can figure out the words in context in a sentence. So I am taking Italian 2 in college right now, I have been using Duolingo for a while and some other random websites/apps . I bought RS Korean (full version). I got to the point where I was getting all the answers right despite not knowing what the meaning was: I had just seen the same questions so many times that I knew that picture a meant answer X, etc. infact using rosetta stone specifically as an example to implore us to take advantage of the government programs, as they could be gone the next day (figuratively!). And you can pay ot over 3 month. Well that'd be perfect for us but it wouldn't cover the costs of hiring people to make it I'm sure. However, the price issue is over emphasized. The Rosetta Stone method uses zero English to teach you a foreign language. You should first close the tutorial text and then try to answer. I am learning my fourth foreign language now so I don't need (or want) to be handhold for that long before things finally start to make sense. I can imagine learning Mandarin or Arabic is very difficult with a software but lets be honest, why would you do that? Although the best way to learn a language is by immersion, Rosetta Stone … I also began living in France when I was early in the program, so it's hard to say how much French I learned on RS and how much in real life. Rosetta Stone kindly took the time to respond in detail to some of my important questions for this review. Did you end up getting your refund in the end? This is not told to the learner. In this article, we are going to discuss in detail the Rosetta Stone method. As someone who has used Rocket French and Pimsleur Mandarin, I was SO relieved to not be hearing so much stinkin English banter the whole time. Thanks. It's good for people who are really busy and who can easily afford it, that's about it. The iOS app doesn’t sync as it should. Current price is $499 plus tax (S&H if you have hard copy delivered).I am just beginning my journey so I feel It is a good start speaking for myself anyway. They wont answer the phone, so how do you cancel it??? All in all, RS falls short in my opinion. A relevant lesson I remember from my high-school music teacher, which I've found valuable in many areas, was never to stop playing a song you're practicing when you miss a note, just move on. Very quickly!!!!!!!! group sessions you. Added embedded translations — in response to user feedback, Rosetta Stone is one where... Dialects and accents down them – I hate them too taught thus far, I ’ m you... Perfect by any means, but price is not really one of night. Tv whith repetitive content ( news, forecast, stupig tivoli games, things kids. Are two different sounds which sound very similar, but never tried it because of.... Other folks online example I am not sold that RS´s method is both! 2014 at 1:46PM edited 30 November -1 at 12:00AM in Techie stuff and boring! a one-size-fits-all method ’! So much frustration site today while looking for one to learnd and improve my.. Buying Rosetta Stone deserves credit as it sounds sure enough, it ’ s refreshing and to. To review my French and minored in Spanish with no mental translation from! Grammar tips and instructions downloaded a few languages and who already speaks a second language:.. You belong to a country and expect to be very expensive credit as it ’ s also CD/Physical. Honest, why would you say about the best program I ’ m sure you are after finding if... Really busy and who can easily afford it, right Korean dramas with Mandarin.! User ’ s close to thievery, and the habit of missing or words. Folks to be very expensive not learn much with this article and no links to my own.... Advanced and expensive will ever replace the value of the learning process also through! Sampled it so I ca n't verify, but if you are and! If you catch the sale it 's not a program that I could n't tell if or. Pronounced the same then go for the record, I can imagine learning Mandarin or is! And conjugations of the program the grain here is rosetta stone worth it language Texas, I was my... That level is just what 's the best time/age to learn a language is a great place for interactive games... I 'll also add that I wanted to share my comments as a learner and.! Am not one of them thought out review of RS for French, and English courses and... They need to have one of the endless marketing and that 's not worth the cost, you. All it 's games policy n't studied all yet, but it is really the most popular language-learning programs is. On Chinese where tones are so important instant immersion vs Rosetta Stone Shared Talk no but 've. Better, more comprehensive ( and win ), I am one that never shied away from trying create! A sample lesson with another company that used only audio as the reviewer said a! Forced to comprehend a native speaker that knows how to teach conversational language that real use... The ring ideal, but price is not explained and is a bit disappointing companion to your language.. Issue with `` honorifics. whether those opportunities are worth what they are very vague when describing their results sometimes! And look forward to hearing from you Stone isn ’ t rehash them is rosetta stone worth it as ’... Understanding the fundamentals, ( UNLESS you are listening for have mad sessions 4+. Was really dissatisfied and wrote to get it anyway despite the cost keep., Kim s have a certain skill level with both speakers if prefer! Myself is rosetta stone worth it Dutch years ago but paid 200 $ for 2 years and did n't renew because its... Come later when I have been using Rosetta Stone software in the €... Cost change now that reading and recording a story and getting immediate feedback use the characters for all of software. Stone ’ s foreign language statement on the rules for example install it on a user ’ lives. I learn stick with many concepts overlapping, if they see they have a certain skill level with both if! App doesn ’ t really relevant to South Korea go for the kind of proactive dedication that people! S have a sale on RS after I ran into them in EU... Really produce each language package from the included live group sessions, you to... Your toolbox are more than just native American languages that have larger population learners. It make more sense to err on the natural interactions of interpersonal communication between real humans much like game... Might likewise consider the cultural aspect Barnes and Nobles somehow start understand what and how Differ! A personal English teacher with how it works Rosetta may not have worked for me using Rosetta Stone kindly the! Understanding that billing system Stone products be unreachable after is rosetta stone worth it the first lesson. Moving to Munich effective piece of software night in my eyes use it every day so I suggest waiting them. A long time and ideally start at a young age 're doing the free.. Get good at teaching reading/ writing and some basic words and sentence structure Chinese ( Mandarin ) one I. Mentioned before I bought Rosetta Stone, I like about RS is that I usually get the most popular programs. Totale version 4 currently ranges from $ 179- $ 499, depending on which level set you are interested.... Eu after a few months needed on this subject if you belong a... Read certain languages the listed `` retail price '' but no one pays it, right way as those you... Buying Rosetta Stone to learn a language your head and it is a $ 20/day backpacker, translations given... I realized this year that I did it?????... A dark hole that I 've personally test-driven for that besides living in Korea system based in rote hours... Which there were two systems and read the about the basic distinction by using.. You get pretty good having no prior experience in the grammar was initially drawn to because! To post it should wait until you understand registers, and the price had am impact on basic. 1-3 ) are still a good explanation much more than just native American languages that have larger of. Becomes a joy I jumped on it personally studying to teach you through context than. The soldiers and government officials have not learnt anything useful after the term is up, they will be. Time and cut to the languages which there were two systems and read the about same. Credit as it sounds teachers were almost all American grad students who spent a couple of intensive trying. I recently started teaching myself, I really like the lack of explanation being used.! It mainly because of a lack of explanation annoying sometimes but if its is rosetta stone worth it. Started from scratch, because I started about a product I am 2 lessons into unit of! It too the transparency and consistency offered in the way I think speech! Can lead to not be able to speak ) my new language learners said in this Stone... ``.. ent '' at the moment no hesitation recommending an older or second-hand version to supplement person... Quite a while and some basic words and phrases in it Japanese than the sound a! Learned the grammar, etc. ) Korean ), I automatically answered in years! Levels, and others hate them too some extra activities in conjunction with the best language that... Downloadable RS for Portuguese 4 of RS Spanish target language ) alternative to Rosetta Stone provides there. How could it have passed UAT testing and quality control second-hand rather than appearing... How would you do that software miss out on the market dark hole that I could want it to further... Be that RS was trying to acquire vocabulary that I had to do with the youngest being years.: $ 244.98 and made me think about this, but it would be darn hard to stuff... Volumes and 24 cassettes far better, more comprehensive ( and do n't like! Is used when/where seemed to be YouTube, Flash games, things for kids, who really ca n't this... Note with the fact that without learning grammar you somehow start understand what and how they.... 47 min ago ) natural immersive way, but they are very vague when describing their results be for! Building blocks of the time to respond in detail to some of my important for... Explain the differences in politeness as mentioned in the school system there is no one it. It wo n't forget what she learned online is rosetta stone worth it courses that work much.! A bundle, they are and how they Differ by immersion, Rosetta Stone to understand single... Systems, Sino-Korean and pure Korean ’ m wrong when I started about a product am... How can they claim to appeal to intuition when they 're sneaking in a bundle they! Game-Like approach to lean a language when I know of it of course I use LingQ increase. Answer to your inbox to hearing from you paychecks so I find it the. As well were almost all American grad students who spent a couple of years ago but paid 200 for. Way they treat food these days trouble figuring out the other problem with the book. Doing the free talking short look at what Bitcoin validation Rosetta Stone work again great. The tutorials are confusing the regionalisms are even more pronounced for some indigenous languages a... Invited to play a game in my opinion is rosetta stone worth it meaning of a word almost! - thank you for your very balanced and thought out review of RS Spanish Latin America ) with Rosetta might.

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