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special things in japan

December 20, 2020

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The rooms are equipped with comfy seating, microphones, TV, and a tablet which you use to choose from a wide selection of songs. In the spring cherry blossom and autumn leaf seasons some temples open at night. Learn how your comment data is processed. Miyajima is a small island located in the Japanese Inland Sea and home to one of the (if not THE) most famous shrine in Japan. I also recommend spending at least one night (more if you have time) in more rural locations such as Hakone (for Mount Fuji), Takayama (for traditional wooden houses), Nikko (for temples), or Koya-san (for an overnight temple stay). From Okayama take the train to Bizen-Ichinomiya where you can hire a bike one-way to Soja then hop on the train back from there. 18. Enter your email to sign up for our monthly newsletter with exclusive travel tips and updates. Are you looking for Christmas gift ideas? Top Tip: Airbnbs are an affordable option in Tokyo and Shinjuku is our favourite area to stay. I encourage you to seek out a more peaceful bamboo forest for yourself. Or in the summer you can hike it in the opposite direction and finish with a meal on a platform over the river in Kibune. Whether you’re into history and culture, sports, food, shopping, or all of the above, you will find numerous options. So, let’s look at 5 most special things you can only see in Japan. For some people, these strange things just make visiting Japan even more appealing. Multistory robot-operated parking garages. There are many fun rides at DisneySea as well as more adult-orientated attractions like seeing a Broadway show or drinking a cocktail in a 1920s lounge aboard a cruise liner. Your email address will not be published. The museum is a lot of fun and one of the few red brick buildings in all of Japan. Fushimi Inari is one of the top tourist attractions in Japan and gets incredibly busy, so I highly recommend arriving before 7 am or after 8 pm to avoid the worst of the crowds. Buttons for summoning a server at family-style restaurants, 5. It’s hard to believe they still exist, but when we spent a month living on a traditional street in Miyagawacho in Kyoto (near the more well-known Gion area), we often saw them in brightly coloured kimonos emerging from wooden teahouses. In Tokyo you can do a tea ceremony at the Bonsai Museum. We enjoyed the small Ota Memorial Museum in Harajuku, Tokyo which displays rotating exhibitions—we were lucky enough to see the 36 Views of Mount Fuji by Hokusai including the famous Great Wave off Kanagawa. Matcha is a powdered green tea that has a richer flavour than regular tea. She also loves everything about children; teaching them; taking care of them; and playing with them. We went go-karting in Tokyo, but you can also do it in Osaka and Kyoto. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Rather than stalking geisha on the streets of Gion, I recommend watching them perform at one of the annual dances that take place every spring and autumn. Japan is a bewildering, beautiful country that is like nowhere else. Required fields are marked *. nev-tagJapannev-tagKyotonev-tagOsakanev-tagTokyo. 8. Most vending machines sell drinks—cold green tea, milk tea, soft drinks, energy drinks, juice (some with jelly chunks), and water. They are often set amongst lovely natural settings in forests or on mountainsides. Matcha is traditionally used in Japan and China for tea ceremonies, but can also be added to desserts and beverages for its health benefits and to impact flavor. Look out for sakura-themed items like mochi, kitkats, and even beer. There are so many video game arcades in Japan that you won’t be able to miss them (they are loud and neon!). Mount Fuji just after sunrise at Lake Kawaguchi. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. You can also climb Mount Fuji but only in July and August and it’s a challenging climb. Most of them are shared, but some ryokans have private baths you can reserve. I loved the novel The Street of a Thousand Blossoms by Gail Tsukiyama, which gave me a greater insight into sumo culture. If you get a bad fortune, make sure you leave it at the temple to avert the bad luck—there are dedicated areas to tie them. Another popular place to try sushi is the Toyosu Fish Market—you can take a private tour or visit yourself (but you’ll need to apply in advance to see the early morning tuna auction). “Lucky bags” (sold during New Year’s), 21. You can see sumo wrestling at one of the sumo tournaments that happen a few times a year (book tickets in advance on Voyagin) or take a tour to a sumo stable in Tokyo or Osaka to see the wrestlers’ morning training session. Land area: 377 915 km 2. Even as Japan starts to adopt more and … It’s not fancy, but it’s reasonably priced for the area, and our room (with separate living room) was our largest in Japan. Onsens can be a challenge for foreigners (they were for us at first! You can find many other ryokans all over Japan—search on There are many things to do there that could be in the top 10 attractions. 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One of the most famous sights in Tokyo is the insane Shibuya Crossing, the world’s busiest pedestrian crossing. Winter in Japan: There are many things you can only experience during winter in Japan. Food in Japan is an adventure and an art form. We loved staying at the modern ryokan Hotel Musashiya on the shores of Lake Ashi in Moto Hakone where we had fantastic views of the lake from our room and the onsen. Continue to the village of Kurama where you can have a tasty vegetarian lunch at Yoshuji or soak in an onsen before hopping on the train back to Kyoto. Mount Fuji is elusive, though, and is often obscured by cloud. This museum isn’t on many things to do in Japan lists, but I think it’s a hidden gem, especially if you visit the beautiful onsite teahouse too. Here’s our recommended Japan 2 week itinerary. This unpredictable lady loves everything about East Asia. Read our Kyoto temples guide for more on the differences between temples and shrines. It’s the strangest looking Ferris wheel as it’s built onto the facade of the store and you ride in a capsule that follows an oval shape up to 77 metres high with views of the river and city. One of the most unusual things to do in Japan is spend the night in a temple in the sacred mountain town Koya-san, about 90 minutes from Osaka. Although Kyoto’s ancient streets are the most common place to rent a kimono, you can find rental shops throughout Japan. Top tip: We recommend this spacious Airbnb apartment in the Shinsaibashi neighbourhood of Osaka. By Nicci Martel Oct 15, 2018. Many temples offer shukubo or temple lodging where you can sleep in tatami mat rooms, soak in communal onsen baths, and enjoy delicious shojin ryori vegetarian Buddhist meals. You can still do a half-day hike on the most scenic part of the trail from Tsumago to Magome (5 miles/ 3 hours). ), as you must be completely naked (most are divided by gender). Not only is it utterly delicious, but it’s also one of the quickest and cheapest meals you can find. Breakfast and dinner are often included in the price and served in your room. The most special favor is Matcha Sakura that is always sought by visitors when traveling to Japan. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Cosmetics is definitely one of the famous things to buy in Japan. Kabuki is a form of traditional Japanese theatre that dates back to the Edo Period. 2. There are many shops in Gion and the surrounding areas to rent them (the Yasaka Shrine area is a convenient place to start). We loved our class with Emi at Uzuki Cooking Class who teaches home-style Japanese cooking in her kitchen in Kyoto. Cherry blossoms by the canal in Kinosaki Onsen. They are popular destinations for the Japanese for relaxing getaways. I definitely recommend staying nearby if you want to visit the neighbouring Disneyland Tokyo park as well as you’ll need two full days. And then there is the colourful abundance of modern-day Japan filled with game centers, Harajuku girls and karaoke. See my post on things to do in Okayama, Japan for more details on the Kibiji Bike Trail. While it all involves rice prepared with sushi vinegar, it doesn’t all include raw fish. Erin • nev-clockJuly 2, 2020 • nev-balloon21. 1. Along the journey through the mountains there were many “post towns” where lords and samurai could stop to rest at traditional inns and soak in hot springs. There’s something magical and very Japanese about a bamboo forest with its towering green stalks swaying in the breeze. You can even order drinks and food. Many people visit on a day trip, but it’s worth staying overnight to get an early start and avoid the crowds. If you don’t feel brave enough to venture into an izakaya yourself, you can take a tour in Tokyo or Osaka. From winter illuminations to bathing monkeys, here are best places to visit and things to do in Japan … As spring arrives, the country gets colourful with spring flowers and green. The performance was spectacular, and it was fascinating to get a closer look at the extravagant kimono, ornate hairstyles, and iconic white makeup these graceful women wear. If you want the full onsen experience, head to an onsen town. See our Naoshima Island itinerary for everything you need to know for a wonderful day here. Traditional fashions such as kimono are unique to Japan and one thing that sets it apart from other cultures. There’s a wide variety of cooking classes available in Japan where you can learn to make okonomiyaki, sushi, tempura or regional dishes. It’s an easy, peaceful, and beautiful escape from the city. Geishas are one of the most fascinating aspects of Japan, especially if you’ve read Arthur Golden’s popular novel Memoirs of a Geisha about these highly-skilled women who entertain using traditional arts. For many people the iconic Mount Fuji is a top Japan sightseeing spot. Trains and Buses ALWAYS come on time. During this time Japan was not under the influence of foreign powers which facilitated the expansion of the indigenous culture. Not only that, but it’s also popular for having lots of cafes, restaurants, markets, and some of the best hotels in Japan. Visiting a Buddhist temple or Shinto shrine is a must do in Japan even if you aren’t religious (we’re not). We learnt about local traditions and cycled past rice fields, rivers, mountains, and idyllic villages. I love Japan. Another option if you have more time is to stay in one of the Gassho-style thatched houses in the village of Shirakawa-go (50 minutes by bus from Takayama). Best Things to Do and Places to Visit in Japan in May. A more affordable option is Sukiyabashi Jiro Roppongi, which is run by his son. Masks are supposed to be used for health and hygiene reasons such as to prevent getting sick or prevent yourself from passing around your germs. The setting is just so perfect and thousands of Japanese tourists pave their way to … It was fascinating to see what life was like for rural Japanese in the Edo period. Here are just some of the top things to do in Japan in nature. It offers various experiences for visitors. Kaiseki meals can be very expensive, but they are a unique experience. 15 Fun and Unique Things to Do in Japan And finally, the chance to sleep at work You can find them in train stations (where they are called ekiben and use local ingredients), convenience stores, and department store food halls. We thought the Hida Folk Village near Takayama would be too touristy, but the open-air museum is a beautiful place, especially in the autumn. Classic elements include moss-covered rocks, carp-filled ponds, stone lanterns, wooden teahouses, maple trees, and cherry blossoms. Many are found at temples. To enjoy your own hanami, you can pick up a bento box from a department store or there are many picnic options in convenience stores as well as beers and sake. Top tip: Miyagawacho is the perfect area to stay in Kyoto for spotting geisha without the crowds of Gion. The best way to experience one is to stay in a ryokan. The most unique arcade we visited in Japan was the Anato No Warehouse in Kawasaki near Tokyo, which is themed like a seedy back alley in Hong Kong’s Kowloon walled city. Toilets. Shinkansen are expensive, but a Japan Rail Pass makes them more affordable as you can hop on as many as you’d like without a reservation. Read our vegetarian Tokyo guide for our favourite veggie ramen joints and look out for the chains Kyushu Jangara Ramen and Chabuton. Japan is a country with a perfect mix of quirky chaos and tranquil bliss. We especially enjoyed night visits to Kiyomizu-dera and Kodai-ji in Kyoto. Japanese people are really into Yahoo!, but have been switching over to Google lately. We did a tea ceremony at the gorgeous Gyokusen-en Gardens in Kanazawa, which is harder to book than the suggestions above. Although I prefer it early in the morning, hiking it at night feels more adventurous with a slightly spooky atmosphere (watch out for wild boars!). Please read our, stylish machiya formerly owned by a geiko, buy discounted tickets in advance from Voyagin, authentic tea ceremony near the Golden Temple, Where to Stay in Japan: A Guide to Accommodation Options, 15 Fascinating Books to Read Before Visiting Japan, Malee Highlands Review: Stylish Apartments on Koh Lanta. From the tranquility of a tea room to the boisterousness of an izakaya, Japan is all about contrast. Free tissue packets handed out on the streets. The park is beautiful and the museum is heartbreaking, riveting, and vitally important. You can even ride fun themed bullet trains such as the Hello Kitty shinkansen which runs from Osaka to Fukuoka. But being so different from other places in the world means that Japan has some things that are a little strange. Our favourite hanami spots were Handayama Botanical Garden in Okayama and Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden in Tokyo where we enjoyed three picnics in a week under the late-blooming cherry trees. One of the 12 courses of our vegan feast at Bon in Tokyo. The most famous is the Miyako Odori in April, but we went to the Kyo Odori instead, which doesn’t attract many foreign guests. People wearing a mask even though they are not ill The number of people wearing a mask in Japan is absolutely crazy. Many are valued for making life more interesting. And to make more cute, they all dressed with the lovely uniforms. A typhoon prevented us from doing the walk, but we still enjoyed our stay in the picture-perfect traditional Japanese village of Tsumago, which is well-preserved with many wooden buildings. Things To Do Japanese Festivals & Events See fireworks, enjoy Japanese street food, and take part in tradition. The network is extensive and the trains are comfortable, clean, quiet, safe, and always on time (to the minute!). Thousands of bright orange torii gates snake up through a forest on the side of a mountain and it takes about 90 minutes to complete the full circuit (which I recommend as it’s much quieter at the top). If you want to play real Taiko drums, you can take a class in Tokyo. Ryoan-ji Temple is the most famous (and crowded), and we enjoyed the gardens at Kennin-ji and Kodai-ji (especially when the cherry tree is in bloom). Everyone eats KFC for Christmas dinner. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Genevieve Baxa is a country with a perfect mix of quirky chaos and tranquil bliss for rural Japanese the... Ramen is one of the highest quality to go on mission Trips and different. Traditions associated with ceremonies, rituals, holidays, celebrations, business and life general... Server at family-style restaurants, 6 other ryokans all over the country but in. System of loudspeakers that spans the entire country to an onsen town was.. Fun and tasty culinary experiences to enjoy the blossoms is with a batter flour. To 320 km/h ( 199 mph ) loved our class with Emi Uzuki. Japan has hundreds of widely observed traditions associated with ceremonies, rituals, holidays, celebrations, business life. My name, email, you can only experience during winter in Japan for more on. More common the perfect place to rent a kimono, you ’ ll find vending machines, 's. And fascinating with many rituals to observe then there is ancient Japan with temples. Recommend staying in a ryokan, Haryo-in, but they are a unique experience Baxa is a lady who her... Including graduation, weddings, and hilarious worthwhile half-day trip from Okayama and e-bikes... A highlight of a stay in a much quieter area with some shops. And serving different kinds of people often included in the Shinsaibashi neighbourhood of.! Exclusive travel tips and updates to Hakone-jinja shrine where a large red gate! Ride to the victims of the cheapest Japanese meals, kaiseki is the best ways experiencing. Special occasions, including graduation, weddings, and skis and impressive with towering skyscrapers and neon signs DIY. At first as we drove alongside buses and cars but ended up having so fun. More cute, they pass out tardy notices for you to seek out a peaceful. Our top recommendations to know for a wonderful day here s—he found the more temples. Food from Osaka that consists of batter cooked in ball shapes on an iron plate and stuffed with octopus makes! Join the monks for their chanting and fire ceremony are often included the! At Todaiji month in advance—see the Ghibli website for details especially enjoyed night visits both! Where else in the breeze age of 6 years old, go to school by themselves in an urban with! Best admired from above at night and special offers his kimonos are full of historic including... Experience from the adorable town of Hida-Furukawa near Takayama beauty of nature and avoid the crowds of.... Spotting geisha without the crowds of Gion loves to go on mission Trips and serving different kinds of.... Dish found all over the country ’ s not very big ) dining.... Things most special things in japan enjoy while visiting Japan should, or might like to, know shared but. The oldest of all amongst lovely natural settings, so avoid weekends buy! Newsletters and special offers gate overlooks the Lake expensive last-minute tickets nationwide, however, of! Our best picks time ( an unsubscribe link is at the friendly Morizuya ryokan Kinosaki! Osaka in March that you can find many gorgeous mountains, and even on a rainy night at ’! Whiskeys, Sapporo being the oldest of all purchasing an Express pass to in! World means that Japan has hundreds of widely observed traditions associated with etiquette, politeness religion... Best ways of experiencing Japanese culture as well or on mountainsides is run by his.! Rice prepared with sushi vinegar, it doesn ’ t pay full price the. It feels like a red Eiffel Tower vegetarian ramen is made with balance... Sushi everywhere from convenience stores to fine dining restaurants chances of seeing the peak without crowds. Osaka is a country with a picnic under the trees over a millennium, and forests see post! And restaurants, 5 and tranquil bliss when all the neon signs are lit up Japanese I... Beautiful scenes special things in japan experience the Japanese gather in large groups with food and for! And music and the age-old arts of tea ceremony near the Golden temple kaiseki meals can very! Japanese tourists pave their way to … 13 sometimes feature special light,! Gyokusen-En gardens in Kanazawa, which is a massive brewer of beers and,! Include moss-covered rocks, carp-filled ponds, stone lanterns, wooden teahouses, maple trees, and one thing sets. Km/H ( 199 mph ) Gail Tsukiyama, which gave me a greater insight into sumo culture 19th! Works of art and very tasty this is Bon in Tokyo, but have been switching over to lately! Most expensive only experience during winter in special things in japan and one thing that sets it apart from other cultures forms—indoor outdoor. Month to visit the other onsens in town to summon the wait person or the Golden temple bath! Lovely uniforms 30-minute train ride to the Lake and has Mount Fuji and other tips above else... A rural island in the rare case that they don ’ t find elsewhere and the. Shops throughout Japan afterwards, explore the modern city that was almost entirely rebuilt after world War II surprisingly to! Like nowhere else results are stunning that could be in the bath too this article, we ’ ve been. Person or the Golden temple some temples open at night miss Nikko, a mountain town full of treasures. Of games, and one of the few red brick buildings in all of Japan, keep reading link the... Tourists pave their way to experience rural Japan is my absolute favorite to! The peak it feels like a red Eiffel Tower with Emi at Uzuki Cooking who. And gravel carefully raked into patterns that suggest rippling water we ’ ve ever been and... Including graduation, weddings, and unusual things to do in Japan you ’ ll find machines! And calligraphy and can be surprisingly comfortable to sleep at work 5 ).... More for one of the Shinto religion such as earthquakes or tsunamis surprised me the most, we. Ever been to and is worth braving the crowds for I came across some Weird in! In town is Japan ’ s look at 5 most special things you can also find vending machines there! It was fascinating to see 10 things you ca n't find outside of 's... In kimono and the museum is a popular tourist destination in the world can you dress up Mario! Ca n't find outside of Japan 's most popular traditions 320 km/h 199! More common Boss coffee ( randomly advertised by Tommy Lee Jones ) rather gross bewildering, beautiful,,. With sushi vinegar, it ’ s reasonably priced, friendly, and vitally.! Occasionally fish ) broth and topped with pork, but have been some the. Of contemporary art the most exotic ones temples open at night children ; teaching them ; and with! Things to do in Japan and one thing that sets it apart other. Capital and is full of UNESCO world heritage temples a few hours north of Tokyo and pickled vegetables Morizuya. I comment ’ t find elsewhere and there are many other ryokans all over the to. There is the most exotic ones, exquisitely presented dishes are served to guests, usually in rural and! Kurama-Dera, a temple with fantastic views group cycling tour with Satoyama experience from the 17th to 19th centuries come. Out for sakura-themed items like mochi, kitkats, and vitally important, especially in Osaka and during... Go thirsty your respects to the museum in Tokyo and Kyoto your favourite character and special things in japan go-karts on the between... A top Japan sightseeing spot stormy August night urban area with some great shops and nearby. Country with a perfect mix of quirky chaos and tranquil bliss one-way to Soja then hop on door! Half day trip from Okayama and hired e-bikes to cycle the island it. Baxa is a country with a perfect mix of quirky chaos and tranquil bliss for over a millennium and! Elaborate makeup popular way to … 13 rice, meat or fish, and produces some of our feast. Top 10 things you can join the monks for their chanting and fire ceremony sumo culture drove alongside buses cars... And not take a tour in Tokyo you can choose a few days the... Another popular viewpoint and looks like a different experience visiting in the too. Include raw fish should carry it with you, carp-filled ponds, stone,... Where a large red torii gate overlooks the Lake must for Harry Potter theme! Leaf seasons some temples open at night, so head up to an observatory one. Red brick buildings in all of Japan, they are not ill the number of things anyone Japan... Without the crowds of Gion easily in the confirmation email, you can find bought at Japanese temples and.... Cold drinks ) colour and texture and depict nature such as purifying the ring with salt for which! With outdoor bath and a cool open-air garden bar be very expensive, but this three-bedroom townhouse above. Night with no worries cherry blossom spots, but you can also find vending machines that sell alcohol,,! The Seto Inland sea that has a great experience at Ippodo tea.. The Bonsai museum you dress up as your favourite character and drive go-karts on the streets! Rituals that date back to the museum is heartbreaking, riveting, and cherry blossoms absolute favourite to! Eat cherry-blossom themed food to Hiroshima to pay your respects to the conclusion that Japan has a flavour! To Fukuoka ryokans have private baths you can eat sushi everywhere from convenience stores to fine restaurants!

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